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Crystal Cable is a newly developed specialized line of audio and video cables. It is the first derivative from a new cable generation, designed and tested for critical use in the aeronautic industry. The very thin cables have a transparent outer jacket making them esthetical attractive in every interior. Crystal Cable uses a very effective concept allowing much smaller size then previously possible. The concept is changed to "less is more"... All Crystal Cables are using an ultra-thin silver-gold conductor isolated with Kapton, made with a coaxial construction. The Crystal Cable conductors are made of high purity silver-gold solid core wires where the gold is used to fill the molecular gaps in the crystallizing procedure. The inside wire diameter starts at 0,3 mm and goes up to 1,2 mm. The properties of the Kapton foil isolator (extremely strong, handles up to 400 degrees) make sure the small wires keep the round coaxial shape, even under extreme circumstances. Crystal Cables are not sensitive to electro-magnetic influence and will not interfere with the surrounding electric signals at all.