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Air Force III

 TechDas Air Force III is the newest member of the Air Force family of turntables and draws heavily from the experience TechDAS gained in building Air Force One and Two. All three Techdas turntables feature air bearing and vacuum hold down technology that contributes in no small way to the super silent background noise performance. Through isolation and damping of extraneous vibrations and...[more]


Air Force One

Platter  the core feature of the The Air Force ONE is the uniquely designed platter. It consists of an air-bearing main platter and an upper sub-platter with(optional) vacuum hold-down. Main Platter: ¨The Main Platter of  The Air Force ONE is fabricated of 19kg of non-magnetic SUS316L stainless steel. The material is first forge processed (heat treated) to increase hardne...[more]


Air Force One Premium

Top-of-the-line model for TechDAS Air Force Turntable series with new integrated concepts and technologies refining the sound, user-friendliness and external finish. Air Force One Premium consists of three units: main unit (including motor), power supply / pump unit and air condenser / air charger unit. Two models available: Air Force One Premium with A7075 Upper Platter Air Force...[more]


Air Force Two

Major features -Air bearing and vacuum hold-down techniques, which have been transmitted from Air Force One -Sits on four feet, employing a newly developed oil damping air suspension system -Platter weighing 10 kg is machined precisely out of solid aluminum (A5056) -Chassis frame structure made of aluminum casting (AC4C) achieves maximum intensity and workability. Dual layer str...[more]


D-7I Supreme DSD DAC

A fundamental characteristic for the highly acclaimed D-7 series of the standard D/A converters is to keep evolving and upgrading each version. At TechDAS we continuously work on research with the aim of improving the D-7, bringing it to new heights. During this development, starting with a fundamental principle of audio performance, we have focused on the redesign of the power supply...[more]

D/A converter processor

TDC01 Cartridge

This unique housing made of A7075 Super Duralumin, and although difficult to machine with such extreme precision, is an ideal form factor to dissipate extraneous energy coming from the record groove. This, in turn, allows the generator system to reproduce only the clean signal of the music itself. The result is absolute purity of tone, with deep, detailed bass, extraordinary smooth clarity of ...[more]

Moving coil cartridge

TDC01 Ti Cartridge

TechDas TDC01 Ti employs a unique magnetic circuit that enables a high output voltage (0.45mV) with low internal resistance (1.4 ohm). Semi- line contact stylus ip minimizes any tracing distortion. Futhermore TechDas employed a range of accessories  attached to maximize the superb performance of the cartridge.   ...[more]

Moving coil cartridge