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EVO 2 Integrated Amplifier

 Evolution Two is continuing the path of exploring our propriety direct  heated circuit with no global feedback. Evolution Two integrated amplifier is all about purity and preservation of the original music material. We’ve managed  to established unique sound performance, that derive the audio virtues form the iconic 300B tube, while keeping the natural vibrancy intact....[more]

Integrated valve amplifier

Head 1

Maximal safety level has been achieved by using output transformer where headphones and other outputs are connected to separate galvanically insulated secondary windings, even global feedback is accomplished on the same way. PRINCIPLE: Also, as difference from usual OTL solutions, perfect matching of impedances for different types of headphones is achieved using different taps on output...[more]

Stereo valve amplifier

Head 2

A proprietary output stage with II C core output transformers accommodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 25-600 Ohms. The Head 2 drives many types of headphones with no sacrice to delity and with ease This is the ideal amp for shared listening sessions. The Head 2 also working as great tube preamplifier capable to drive all power amplifier even with very low input impedance. ...[more]

Stereo valve amplifier


Integrated valve amplifier

Rhapsody Power

Stereo valve amplifier


In the ultimate pursue the sum of the parts can only be subordinate to the utmost purity and Elysium defines what is possible beyond typically given high-end audio industry norms. We care to differ and we dare to differ! Elysium is embodiment of the state of the art musical reproduction translating into the most demanding, flamboyant, and complex aural experience transcending time and space...[more]

Mono valve amplifier


Also the need for a perfect balance between the channels was on the wish list. Not just a common balance, this is available on several pre-amps worldwide, unfortunately they are never as accurate as wished for. What was needed is a highly precise adjustment between both the channels measured in mV for the highest accuracy. Since none of the available pre-amplifiers on the market were up to ...[more]

Stereo solid state preamplifier