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The CVA 306 six channel valve preamplifier establishes a new standard within multi-channel performance. In addition to the five normal stereo inputs, CVA 306 accepts six channel analog outputs from DVD surround sound / DVD or SACD audio.The pure class A high output voltage amplifiers of CVA 306 has a substantial overload margin and will, with effortless ease, accommodate the full dynamic range ...[more]

Home theatre Multi-channel preamplifier

Generation VIII

The Generation VIII has all of the sonic benefits of an "upsampling" processor, and none of the drawbacks. Upsampling, a term from the professional recording industry, refers to a box added between a digital source and a converter. The "upsampler" allows "noise shaping," and adjustments of other parameters in a digital signal. Typically it provides 2x oversampl...[more]

Home theatre Multi-channel preamplifier