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European Audio Team (E.A.T) announces B-Sharp turntable, with engineered cues taken directly from the company’s award-winning and highly acclaimed C-Major turntable. The B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity, providing vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price. The...[more]



 A new entry level offering from E.A.T. that will satisfy seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable. E.A.T. is proud to announce the availability of its most important turntable to date: the C-Major. Why “important”? Because it represents a completely new price point, an entry level offering from E.A.T. that will satisfy all seasoned music lovers w...[more]



The stiffness is important to be a super rigid base for the tonearm/cartridge and bearing/platter as there must be 100 % no moving tolerance between the distance of the groove and the tracking cartridge. All the rumble of the platter / bearing is directed in the TPE columns. On opposite the TPE avoid that any unwanted energie of motor and surface or surrounding vibration leads to the subchassis...[more]



Thanks to the continued evolution of carbon fibre, Forte has been able to create an arm with the practical and aesthetic benefits of a flat form, but without the weaknesses.E-Flat’s mission is to bring to the music lover the highest quality performance, but in a user-friendly design. Ultra-flat, ultra-light and ultra-rigid, the E-Flat tonearm measures 10in long. A unipivot bearing support...[more]



To ensure the utmost flexibility, to ensure perfect matching to a wide range of cartridges, the E-Glo provides capacitance loading for moving-magnet types in six user-switchable steps from 47pf to 900pF. ‘The loading resistance for moving-coil cartridges is continuously adjustable,’ says Lichtenegger, ‘as we already have on our Phono Box RS.’ Ensuring quiet operation is ...[more]

Stereo valve phono preamplifier

E-Glo Petit

E-Glo Petit Tube phono preamplifier •    Hybrid tube design with 12AX7 tubes •    MM & MC capability •    Precise RIAA equalisation •    Adjustable impedance and capacitance •    Subsonic filter switchable •    Fully discrete circuitry •   &nb...[more]

Preamplifier - D /A Converter

E-Glo S

Elegant high-end tube phono pre-amplifier with ultra slim design! E-glo S – is a hybrid phono preamplifier that utIlizes ECC83 tubes (twin triode) in the first and second gain stages In order to get higher gain and lower noise we use in the first stage a cascode connection of tube with with two paralelly connected low-noise J-FET transistors. RIAA curve is equalised fully passive ...[more]

Stereo valve phono preamplifier


Separate Sub Chassis and a mass loaded turntable. This gives us the best of both worlds. The chassis of the table is very heavy and mass-loaded using metal-filled sand. The feet are magnetic and act as a sub chassis to support the  table. The platter consists of two parts. The first part uses a soft alloy, the second part, a harder one. This reduces energy flow. The first part also incorpo...[more]


Forte S

- Elegant, classic High End turntable design with mass loaded sub chassis. • Mass loaded sub chassis by magnetic feet causes that the complete turntable fly like in the air - Compact version of the reference Forte, awarded as one of the best turntables in the world. - Unique 36 cm 15 kg platter • the magnesium alloy • sorbotane damped vinyl top surface as perfect record mat &bull...[more]


Jo No.5
Award Winning Product

Moving Coil turntable pickup Nude Fine Line stylus type! Body and stylus guard made of Polyamide Selective Laser Sintering manufacturing process Elegant looks Unmistakeable E.A.T. mint colour!   High End E.A.T. cartridge E.A.T. is very proud to announce its second cartridge creation in history, after the highly acclaimed and successful Yosegi MC. Jo No.5 is an elegant ma...[more]

Moving coil cartridge
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