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Magico M9

Carbon fiber enclosure with Aluminum honeycomb core From the very outset, we’ve known that the loudspeaker enclosure must enable sound to pass through completely, without “singing along” with the music. Controlling cabinet vibration without storing energy remains one of the greatest challenges in loudspeaker design. Our quest for the ultimate in enclosures has...[more]

Active loudspeakers


The improvements in the LS28SE stem from what was learned during the creation of Audio Research’s Reference 160-series amplifiers. Very similar to the wire and parts changes incorporated in the REF6SE and REF PH3SE, the LS28SE also includes upgrading to the same proprietary gold coupling caps used in the REF6SE. These numerous and costly component upgrades elevate the LS28SE’s perfo...[more]

Stereo solid state preamplifier

WASAE Pedestal

As any physicist knows, no device, no matter how clever or sophisticated, can eliminate energy. It can only convert undesirable energy into a more benign force. This applies to unwanted vibrations that hamper the fidelity of both transducers (such as analog playback devices) and electronics (which are susceptible to vibration-induced microphonics).With this understanding, Wilson Audio’s...[more]

Audio racks

Le Player 3

CD player


D/A converter processor


D/A converter processor


Active loudspeakers


Active loudspeakers


Active loudspeakers


Active loudspeakers

Ref Phono 3SE

Stereo valve phono preamplifier


Digital cable


CD player


Stereo valve preamplifier


SE 300B:  " ... grain , precision and dynamics..." " It gives an inimitable 'material' character to timbers without, however, allowing sounds to lose their musical character".  It has a "...special gift of revealing the intimate relations that link music to silence" - Jean-Philippe Delalandre and Alexandre Geoffroy. It "develops a sense of pace and rhythmical movement of such...[more]

Mono valve amplifier


Listening to Reference 750 SEL monoblocks in a high performance system is a transformative experience; under total control, speakers disappear from the listening room and the listener is transported into a three-dimensional realm where music takes on a palpable, tangible form. Details from source material are resolved against a black background, painting images in space with vivid reality. Bass...[more]

Mono valve amplifier

AirForce 0

Driving System 1. Crystal Oscillator Reference clock oscillator that provides a clock signal to stabilize rotation frequencies for the motor. 2. Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) This functions as a synthesizer to divide the input clock signal according to the values of frequencies determined by the microprocessor, converting high frequencies to low frequencies so that they will ...[more]



With OPI’s curvaceous carbon fiber form, there can be no mistaking its OPUS lineage. Like OPUS Speaker Cable, OPI’s epoxy-loaded, fully damped carbon-fiber carapace blocks vibrations and allows electromagnetic fields to fully expand. The OPI center of gravity is also low and wide which further insures that any excess energy broadly dissipates away from the filter circuitry. Adjustab...[more]

Power conditioner


SE 845: "an immense crushing breadth, a grandiose sound image which extends way beyond the bounds of the speakers and even of the listening room..." - Alexandre Geoffroy. The SE 845 amplifier uses the legendary 845 triode in a pure class A monotriode configuration. In this sense it follows the path traced out by the SE300B,which is to say, the search for un paralleled mus...[more]

Mono valve amplifier
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