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Altair II

The front panel of Altair II features a new touchscreen control, which allows all functions to be adjusted directly from the front panel. The enhanced contrast and large font sizes used on the touchscreen allow it to be seen from across a room. Machined remote control An elegant new remote control, machined from aluminum billet and wrapped in leather, provides immediate access to the most commo...[more]

Mono solid state preamplifier


The Revelation Series bridges a gap in the Constellation Audio product hierarchy. Building on the Inspiration tradition and offering improved performance due to the use of carefully selected parts, the Revelation Series is a logical step up from Inspiration. Its distinctively Constellation casework design draws upon the heritage of the Reference Series and extends the foundation first used in I...[more]

Stereo solid state phono preamplifier


For low level voltage amplification, valves are in a league of their own with respect to linearity and musicality.  For nearly a decade, COPLAND has contributed to the refinement of amplification using these classic devices. The CTA 305 employs reliable E83CC valves selected after ageing to assure optimal compability.             Each class A lin...[more]

Stereo valve preamplifier

DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier
Award Winning Product

The DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier contains: -New front-end circuitry. The DiaLogue Premium uses three 12AU7 tubes per channel.  The result is even lower distortion and increased bandwidth.  The change in dynamic range is stunning!  Output impedance is lowered to only 256 ohms, allowing it to mate with every amplifier on the market that we know of, even some older Pass Labs mo...[more]

Stereo valve preamplifier


This integrated preamplifier produces a visual effect of abundance through its colours, forms and the optimal use of space. ...[more]

Stereo valve phono preamplifier


Like the DAC8, the DSPre offers the following:• Five digital inputs, including USB 2.0HS, AES/EBU, RCA, BNC, andToslink®, all of which are capable of decoding 24 bit/192k files.• Asynchronous USB.• Utilizes quad “monoblock DAC” architecture with dual low jitter mastercrystal oscillators to eliminate decoding and quantization errors, increasethe dynamic range, and low...[more]

Stereo solid state preamplifier


To ensure the utmost flexibility, to ensure perfect matching to a wide range of cartridges, the E-Glo provides capacitance loading for moving-magnet types in six user-switchable steps from 47pf to 900pF. ‘The loading resistance for moving-coil cartridges is continuously adjustable,’ says Lichtenegger, ‘as we already have on our Phono Box RS.’ Ensuring quiet operation is ...[more]

Stereo valve phono preamplifier

E-Glo S

Elegant high-end tube phono pre-amplifier with ultra slim design! E-glo S – is a hybrid phono preamplifier that utIlizes ECC83 tubes (twin triode) in the first and second gain stages In order to get higher gain and lower noise we use in the first stage a cascode connection of tube with with two paralelly connected low-noise J-FET transistors. RIAA curve is equalised fully passive ...[more]

Stereo valve phono preamplifier


GSPre PREAMPLIFIER The GSPre is the nerve center of a system – not only directing signals and providing attenuation, but also interpreting and deciphering complex signals to create a musical story with the drama and intrigue befitting your favorite songs. The job of a preamplifier is to do its work discretely, leaving the musical signal with as little signature as possible ...[more]

Stereo valve preamplifier


The Krell Illusion preamplifier is a dual monaural circuit design with the left and right channels afforded their own power supply regulation and individual full chassis sized boards. All signal gain is realized in surface mount topology using proprietary multiple-output current mirrors with nearly 500 times the open loop linearity of other designs. 1.5 MHz open loop bandwidth in a zero feedbac...[more]

Stereo solid state preamplifier
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