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Our choice was to use a jewel pivot as found in the finest of aircraft instruments, which offer the lowest friction possible via mechanical means. Stabilisation is via outrigger pivot, which allows for precise azimuth adjustment. VTA is adjustable on the fly using a 40TPI microscope fine pitch thread vertical adjustment mechanism. Clamping is by a triangulated locking system which avoids the co...[more]



Obsidian is the latest result of Continuum Audio Labs’ decade-plus of research into turntable design. Following the launch of the Caliburn turntable in 2005, we have explored new areas of materials science, experimented with new mechanical ideas, developed new industrial designs, and recruited new experts to our team—all in the effort to bring the incomparable musicality of the Cali...[more]


Award Winning Product

Viper Tonearm: Minimal Mass, Maximum Rigidity To many enthusiasts and experts, the Viper tonearm supplied with Obsidian might look impossibly massive. Once they lift it, they will immediately realize that not only is the Viper much lighter than it looks, it’s also much more rigid than other tonearms. Why such a large tonearm? Because every percentage of increase in the width or ...[more]


Caliburn System

The Caliburn is the uppermost of two models currently available from Continuum. It comes complete with the ultra-rigid Castellon stand – an integral part of its design, made from aircraft-grade aluminium with a magnetically levitated upper shelf. The matching tonearm is Continuum’s top-end Cobra.This is this most technically advanced way of playing back vinyl records yet devised. Co...[more]



The Copperhead's shape is refined and sleek, maintaining the signature free sound inherent in the Cobra design. The wand is eggshell thin with special contours and compound curves to "shape" the resonant behaviour of the arm, only visible with specialized software tools, but clearly audible to experienced listeners. The Copperhead presents an opportunity for everyone to access the most advanced...[more]


Criterion System

Continuum Audio Labs was a relative unknown before January CES 2004 when it quietly launched the Caliburn Cobra system. The audiophile world was shocked by the advanced performance of this and soon learned that it was a product engineered to play music with higher fidelity than any other system to date.

Several orders followed the launch and it was a year later that January CES 2005 Stereo...[more]