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Casablanca III

Refinements in Casablanca's basic processing have improved both sound and picture quality. Sound:The highs are extended: detail in the uppermost regions is more delineated while maintaining Theta's famous liquidity. Background is more 'black' (This means an absence of even infinitesimal noise). Imaging is even better than before. Bass is better defined, and extends lower. Image:Complex scene...[more]

Home theatre processor

Casablanca IV

The key to these new features was the development of a new expandable post-processing card:  the PR-3.  The new card quadruples the DSP power of the platform, increases the audio bandwidth, consolidates all digital inputs onto a single input slot, frees another slot for future expansion, has space to add additional processing power and uses multiple FPGA devices to allow the addition ...[more]

Home theatre processor


The Citadel is a monaural power amplifier offering all the advantages of the knowledge, the research and dedication that Team theta brought to the Dreadnaught-and then some. Citadel has been created to power the most demanding two channel musical reproduction systems, as well as delivering abundant power to home theater systems, to effortlessly recreate the vast spectran of sound tracks....[more]

Mono solid state amplifier

Compli Blu

The Best Blu-Ray Reproduction on the Planet. Period. Theta Digital's Compli Blu, the latest and most powerful in a long line of transports, is designed to bring the maximum levels of sound quality and video performance from the company whose expertise in this field spans over twenty years. The Compli Blu, like all the other transports before it, is based on a manufacturing kit obtained from ...[more]

CD player


The Enterprise is a monaural 300 watt power amplifier based on the Citadel, Theta's most powerful amplifier, and the Dreadnaught II. It benefits from the knowledge, research and dedication that team Theta brought to those superlatives designs. Enterprise has been created to power superb two channel music reproduction systems, as well as delivering abundant power to home theater systems, to fai...[more]

Mono valve amplifier

Pro Geny 8

PROGENY a gives you Theta's famous programming, on upgradeable ROM chips, and a powerful computer to run it. Built by robot (and checked by human technicians), its circuits use no wire, which allows for simpler, more efficient production techniques, helping make Progeny a Theta's most affordable D to A. (A Progeny a can be cost-effectively upgraded to a Prime IIa) PROGENY a 4 X oversampling, du...[more]

Processor - D/A Converter

Carmen II

DVD/CD transport

Casablanca II

Casablanca II relieves music lovers of the painful dilemma of choosing between high quality, faithful music reproduction equipment, and the highly compromised components that provide for video's specialized sonic decoding, processing, and switching. Flexibility is a key concept. Casablanca II is a multi-purpose component; each Casablanca II owner decides exactly how he wants to have his unit co...[more]

Home theatre processor

Award Winning Product

Theta Digital invented separate component digital to analog converters shortly after the introduction of compact disc players in order to provide improved sound quality from digital sources. Theta has won acclaim for pioneering important technology in "high end" (audiophile) digital sound reproduction. Casablanca marked a new path in home entertainment systems, by bringing together the highest qua...[more]

Home theatre processor

Chroma 396 HDCD

Separate digital to analogue converters used to be the preserve of the few. Good processors did not come cheap, and even today many entry level black boxes, although very good, have many a rough edge. Add to this South African import duties and the exchange rate, and a good processor means plenty of money. However, every so often one finds a product that is so good, and so musical, that price be...[more]

Processor - D/A Converter
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