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Bandwidth: 2 to 20 000 Hz

Amplitude linearity: 0.00035 dB

Phase linearity: 2

Dynamics: 96 dB

Signal/Noise ratio: 104 dB 'A' weighed

Channel separation: 102 dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.0025 %

Ouput connectors: AT&T - BNC - CINCH - AES EBU - SUB D CONTROL MOTOR Co-ch
Consumption Max power: 20 W

Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 16 cm

Weight: 30 Kg /66 Ib




Large reference top loader CD transport with wood surround


JD 1-W Drive: "The Jadis system offers a unique sound aesthetic, placing the listener in the concert hall with a sound environment of unequaled coherence." - Patrick Vercher et Jacques Vallienne

With its refined and imposing looks, the JD-1-W combines an extremely precise mechanism fully protected by a heavy rigid base mounted on four massive gold-plated steel supporting feet, with a highly futuristic appearence.

Our objective above all was to protect the laser disk from internal and external vibrations.

The enormous inertia of the JD-1 was obtained by assembling opposing ground elements.

The CD turntable is divided into three sections by bronze rods placed uder the points of the three main supporting feet - the height of the foot at the back is adjustable. The upper deck, itself suspended in three parts, makes up a block of 8 kgs.

The supporting rods for the suspension springs in the star-shaped upper deck enclosing the drive coincide with the two front supporting feet. The third spring point is at the centre back, coinciding with a supporting foot in chrome steel.

The original Philips CDM 4 mechanism was designed to read CD-Roms.

The laser diode block is mounted at the end of a galvanometric arm controlled by a digital servocontrol system.

The command panel , conveniently inclined for easy access to the function buttons, forms an entity with the base of the drive unit.

By using a very light disk clamp (in metacrylate), the performance of the motor bearing lasts for a much longer time than in the majority of other drives presently on the market. Furthermore, the JD-1-W becomes a perfect darkroom once the sliding cover has been closed.