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50-inch 16:9 High-Definition Plasma Display 1366 x 768 Native ResolutionCompatible with HDTV, DTV, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM TV systems as well as computer images from VGA to SXGA Anti-Glare screen with 160º viewing angleAdaptive Film Mode Processing minimizes motion artifactsAutomatic Image Setup and Scaling determines input video signal type and controls image and scaling parametersTrue Black Drive System delivers superb black levels and a 3000:1 contrast ratioSuperior Plasma Brightness for an improved dynamic range of all images from true black to peak white Asymmetric Cell Design achieves true color, high brightness and crisp whites without loss of detail Multiple aspect ratio and image settings Home Theater Menus and programmable microprocessor provides customized user control access A slim and space saving 3.9 inches deep * 9 video inputs: 2 RGB, 3 Component, 2 S-Video, and 2 Composite RS232 port and control software 8 device preprogrammed backlit remote Quiet fan cooling system




Plasma Screen



DWIN's PlasmaImage™ HD-50TS High-Definition Plasma Display is designed to serve as the compact centerpiece of your home theater entertainment and information system. The PlasmaImage™ brings your favorite movie, TV show or DVD to life with unmatched clarity, brightness, contrast and true color.

The superior resolution benefits the DVD collector, HDTV viewer, video game player and Web surfer alike.

The HD-50TS is a combination of two complementary components, a 50-inch HDTV 16:9 Plasma Display and a Video Controller.

DWIN's unique design allows the PlasmaImage™ Controller to be conveniently located at the video sources, which accept signals from virtually all input devices, while the Display can be mounted elsewhere for ideal performance. A single RGB cable delivers video signals to the Display.

The HD-50TS is compatible with all Digital TV formats and can display just about any Video or Computer source from VGA to SXGA with superior image quality and color rendering. The outstanding picture quality is only part of the pleasure of owning the HD-50TS; the installation options are only limited by your imagination. With its very slim 3.9 inch depth, selecting the ideal location has never been more flexible.