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 Transcanner 2


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Variable Line Multiplication sets optimum image line structure for a given projector / screen / source combinationSelective Multiplication processes only the active image area, improving display efficiency, which results in greater picture brightness and detailAdaptive Film Mode processing minimizes motion artifacts Multistandard digital decoder accepts NTSC or PAL video sourcesBuilt-in component to RGB Transcoder for progressive DVD and HD tuners 9 video inputs ( 3 Component, 2 S-Video, 2 Composite plus 2 RGB) Color and tint controls for component video inputsContrast and Brightness controls for RGB inputs Eight device pre-programmed remote control RS232 port and control software Two sets of 12 V screen trigger outputs Optional rack-mount kit




PAL/NTSC variable line multiplier


Exceeding the capabilities of any conventional line doubler or quadrupler, the DWIN TranScanner2™ Variable Line Multiplier™ takes inputs in component, S-Video, or composite form and outputs RGB video at any scan frequency between 31.5 kHz and 64 kHz.

The ability to tailor the scan frequency to the combined characteristics of the projector, screen, and image source ensures optimum picture quality every time. Whereas a conventional fixed-rate line multiplier may produce too few or too many lines for a given program, the TranScanner2™ always produces the optimum number of lines.

The TranScanner2™ features exclusive technologies that improve picture quality. DWIN's Selective Line Multiplication processes only those picture areas with active video information. This improves display efficiency, resulting in increased picture brightness and detail.

Motion artifacts are minimized by an improved version of DWIN's acclaimed Film Mode processing, which uses an adaptive algorithm to combat motion artifacts that can arise in film transfers and from post-transfer video editing.

Complete image controls are provided through on-screen menus and an RS-232 control port, including signal processing bandwidth selection, and color and tint controls for the component video inputs.

Designed and built in the U.S., the DWIN TranScanner2™ raises the bar for high-performance home theater, yet is priced at a fraction of other scaling processors.