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 Transvision II


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1280 x 720 High Definition DMDCarl Zeiss™ Precision Zoom LensHDTV / NTSC / PAL / SECAM CompatibleAspect Ratio Recognition determines if DVD source is Anamorphic or LetterboxAdaptive Film Mode Processing minimizes motion artifactsAutomatic Image Setup and Scaling determines input video signal type and controls image and scaling parameters Wide Range Zoom Lens and Adjustable Picture Offset Ensures Installation FlexibilityPrism Free Light PathComponent Video Color and Tint Controls Enhanced black level and gamma selectionsHome Theater Menus20 video source memories for custom setup and automatic recall 9 video inputs (2 RGB, 3 Component, 2 S-Video, and 2 Composite)8 device preprogrammed backlit remote controlLow Acoustical Noise Light Sealed CabinetRS232 Port and Control software Two 12V Programmable Outputs




DLP Projector, 9 video inputs, 20 memories active line multiplier


Incorporating cutting edge technologies, the TransVision™ TV2 combines Digital Light Processing (DLP™) from Texas Instruments with DWIN's exceptional video processing electronics and digital home theater features, making TransVision™ the definitive choice for home theater enthusiasts.

The TransVision™ is a combination of two complementary components, a 16:9 HDTV Projector and a Video Controller. DWIN's unique design allows the TransVision™ Controller to be conveniently located at the video sources, which accept signals from virtually all input devices, while the video projector can be mounted elsewhere for ideal performance.

A single RGB cable delivers video signals to the projector. This flexibility allows for an unprecedented ease of installation and the best picture possible.

The TV2 provides true high-definition and stunning film-like images. Exceptional movie theater realism is achieved with DWIN's acclaimed video signal processing.

Deep black levels and natural color reproduction are secured with precision gray scale settings and gamma selections. Motion artifacts are reduced with adaptive film mode processing. Picture depth is increased with signal dynamic range expansion. All of these features are performed automatically.

Featuring precision Carl Zeiss™ optics, which ensures DWIN's superior detail, deep blacks, high contrast, and vibrant colors, DWIN's picture quality is mesmerising.