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Sonus Faber






A speaker as grandiose as an opera by Giuseppe Verdi, able to revolutionise, and at the same time express, the essence of Sonus faber values. Idea From the fusion of “tradition” and “technological innovation” comes the beauty of a new era. The thirty year tradition of Sonus faber is condensed in this new and extraordinary project. It is our core values that gather the fruits of our labours in the progress made through Amati futura and Guarneri Evolution. They marked important milestones and are crowned by an even deeper awareness of the roots of Sonus faber. Innovazioni Innovation is the other side of the soul of Aida: all the ideas and the patents developed with “The Sonus faber” are integrated into this new, extraordinary speaker system. The “Z.V.T.” system, for example, is implemented in an entirely innovative way, through the use of an arched suspension with controlled yield called “Bow Spring”. The technology used in the drivers, entirely designed and developed in Sonus faber, without compromising in adhering to our sound objectives, is another example of the steps we take in innovation: a typical example can be found in the DAD “arrow point” tweeter. The combination of tradition and innovation represented by Aida could not find a better expression of harmony than in its shape. This is thanks to its completely new design that reinterprets the “lyre” shape. The combination results in extraordinary grace and harmony: a beauty that seduces with “natural and physiological” shapes because they stem from precise acoustic needs, not merely decoration.