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Magico Premium


1 x 1” MBe-1 Tweeter

1 x 6” Nano-Tec Midrange

1 x 9” Nano-Tec Midbass

2 x 9” Nano-Tec Bass

Sensitivity: 88dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response: 26 Hz – 50 KHz

Recommended Power: 50 – 500 Watts

Dimensions: 47” H x 21” D x 11.75” W per crate

Weight: 387 lbs.




Magico LLC, the leader in high-performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is proud to announce the unveiling of its newest loudspeaker, the Magico Q5: a 5- driver, 4-way floorstander housed in a fully-braced, fully-damped, aluminum and brass, hard-anodized enclosure. The Q5 is the first Magico product to feature complete in-house control of all design and build variables.


From the outside, the Q5's form is indicative of its function—pure and simple, rigid and unbiased. Although not significantly larger than our own V3, its total weight is nearly 400 lbs. The enclosure, machined entirely from aluminum and brass at our new facility, achieves a balance of mass and stiffness which had, up until now, been prohibited by the cost associated with such an undertaking. Processed individually to ensure coverage of every face and edge, each outer surface is first polished then finished in our recognizable hard anodized finish.   The entire enclosure is an expression of all of our past and present functional and aesthetic design choices. From the inside, the Q5 reveals the challenges involved in actually designing and assembling a properly built aluminum enclosure.

The coordination between our engineers, machinists, and technicians cannot falter due to the amount of interdependence between every component. The frame architecture alone is made from over 50 individually machined parts, all of which must be aligned, fastened, and assembled in a particular sequence. A single side wall contains nearly 100 threaded holes and before the baffle is even affixed, the cabinet itself already contains over 350 fasteners. A variance of greater than .002" can contribute to a "tolerance stack" large enough to prevent an enclosure from being completed without being disassembled first. It takes nearly a week to assemble a pair.   Continuing our pursuit of developing and implementing the world's finest loudspeaker drivers, we are also proud to introduce a new tweeter, the MBe-1™ Recent advances in break-up mode control of Beryllium diaphragms combined with our own MR-1™ motor system led to the development of the MBe-1.

The result is a tweeter with significantly wider extension, lower distortion and greater power handling. Magico-designed Nano-Tec™ drivers complete the Q5 driver array with two 9” woofers, a 9” mid-bass unit, and a 6” midrange to deliver the full frequency range. Numerous new developments have been made on other fronts as well, including a unique Bass Mechanical Resonance Cancellation (BMRC™) system which allows us to acoustically cancel break-up modes by precisely offsetting the bass drivers’ acoustical center and angle. The Magico Q5 is a unique statement of purpose--it firmly demonstrates the goals of our company and our relation to the industry as a whole. It is a display of our design approach, most fully realized now due to the foundation we have worked relentlessly to establish. Standing on the shoulders of our many technological breakthroughs we have been able to overcome all restrictions; from production feasibility to market feasibility, the Q5 forces neither manufacturer nor consumer to compromise. In the end it is in both of our interests to continue to research the ways in which technology can be used in the service of music. If and when it is properly employed, the results are enough to surprise even us.