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The organizing passion of Wilson Audio since
its inception more than three decades ago:
bringing home the emotional impact of live
music through two-channel reproduction.
Applying the same focus and expertise to
multichannel theater systems was simply the
natural extension of that passion.
Wilson’s line
of WATCH™ (Wilson Audio Theater Comes
Home) products shares the same DNA as the
latest generation of Wilson floorstanding loudspeakers.

But as good as the WATCH Center
is, it cannot match the dynamic expression or
the wide bandwidth of Wilson’s Alexandria or
MAXX. It was time for a new reference center.
Introducing the Polaris Center Channel.Polaris at a glance:•The new tweeter and proprietary midrange that were developed as the heart of the Series 2
version of Wilson’s flagship Alexandria are now used in the Polaris Center Channel.
•New proprietary 10” woofer. Polaris’s, two-woofer design combines speed, dynamic expression,
and extension in a relatively compact system.
•Polaris features three individual modules. This allows for far better driver/cabinet optimization.
The modules are adjustable in the time-domain for unprecedented resolution of timbre, transient
accuracy, dynamic expression, and spatial realism in a center channel.
•True three-way topology.
•The baffle of Polaris’s midrange module is constructed with Wilson’s newest proprietary cabinet
material, first used in Wilson’s Sasha, resulting in a lower noise floor and greater transparency in
the critical midrange. Wilson’s X-material is utilized in the massive bass enclosure.
•The Polaris combines the practical advantages of center-channel architecture with sonic
performance that is in the same league as the Alexandria Series 2 and MAXX Series 3.