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Magico Premium


Dimensions (Inc'l stand): H: 42" (106 cm) D: 18" (45 cm) W: 15" (38 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs (90 Kg)
Driver Complement: 1" ringradiator Revelator tweeter 7" Nano-Tec mid-woofer
Sensitivity: 87 db
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 40Hz-40KHz
Recommended Power: 50-250 Watts




Already hailed as The Absolute Sound’s "Product of the Year" for 2006 and described as "the most thoroughly, knowledgeably, and successfully engineered mini-monitor the high end has yet seen," the MINI gets a major upgrade. Incorporating a new custom-designed Nano-Tec® woofer, the MINIs can go deeper and play louder, with vanishingly low levels of distortion.



Thanks in part to an all-new "Elliptical Symmetry Crossover" (ESXO); they are also easier to drive than their first incarnation. At the heart of the MINI's enclosure are 16 horizontal layers of extremely stiff, 1", laminated, 17-ply Baltic Birch plywood. The result is an enclosure that is three times stiffer than enclosures fabricated with the vertical MDF construction techniques typically found in high-end loudspeakers. To maximize driver-enclosure coupling, the faceplate and the rear panels are machined from 1.5" 6061T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum billets, a material 6 times stiffer than any wood product. The aluminum faceplate is optimally curved to follow the speaker's exterior profile and help reduce diffraction, while the curved internal walls of the enclosure allow for an even distribution of the pressure generated by the driver's back wave.

In fact, the greater the pressure inside the MINIs, the stiffer their enclosures become. This results in minimal energy losses, translating to maximum bass definition and control. The drivers are completely decoupled from the wooden parts of the enclosures and no hardware is used to hold any metal parts to the enclosure, permanently ensuring a totally sealed enclosure. Weighing over 120lbs each, the MINI's stands are designed and constructed to play a vital role in allowing the speakers to achieve their maximum performance. Unlike most speaker stands, which use steel construction for their main support, MAGICO uses much more expensive but harmonically neutral 6061 aluminum. This material is known for its greater stiffness, lower energy storage, and resistance to "ringing." The speaker is then decoupled from the stand with a unique ball-bearing system. The 2.7-degree tilt of the top plate ensures perfect time alignment of the tweeter and midbass drivers. As with our entire range of products, the MINIs are finished to reveal the beauty of the natural materials used in their construction; no veneer or paint is ever employed to disguise cheap materials or mask imperfect craftsmanship. In fact, the laminated birch-ply surface is so hard that over 20 hours of manual labor are required to finish each MINI enclosure. Aluminum parts are treated with an anodization process that not only hardens and protects the metal surface, but also provides a unique appearance not achievable with paint. As with any MAGICO loudspeaker, "what you see is what you get" -- beautiful, yet high-performance materials combined in a unique design that is both exquisitely elegant and cutting-edge high-tech.