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Martin Logan


Frequency Response: 56 23,000 Hz 3dB
Horizontal Dispersion: 30 degrees
Vertical Dispersion: 57" (145cm) line source
High Frequency Transducer: 57" (145cm) CLS (curvilinear line source) XStat" electrostatic transducer
Low Frequency Transducer: 57" (145cm) DualForce double diaphragm, triple stator dipole low-frequency electrostatic transducer
Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83 volts/meter
Impedance: 6 ohms, 0.7 at 20kHz
Crossover Frequency: 360 Hz
Power Handling: 225 watts per channel
Signal Inputs: Custom binding posts
Weight (25th Anniversary Edition): 152 lbs./channel (69 kg)




2008 marks MartinLogan's 25th anniversary and the first expression of the CLX, the CLX 25th Anniversary Edition, commemorates this important milestone and will be presold as a limited edition through select distribution.

The CLX delivers the truth the culmination of everything we have learned about electrostatic technology since we brought our first product to market in 1983. Purity of sound permeates your entire room and satisfies even the most critical ear. The new industry benchmark for resolving detail, CLX utilizes dual electrostatic transducers to render the most complex musical passages as faithfully as a crystal prism disperses the full color spectrum. This is the limitless spectrum of the CLX the absolute truth in musical reproduction.


MartinLogan's award winning Curvilinear Line Source XStatelectrostatic (ESL) technology allows smooth unencumbered dispersion of sound throughout the listening area. The result? Perfectly etched imaging and focus achieved through minimal room interaction; optimum natural reproduction of sound with full level responsefrom ultra-linear transducers; reliable operation in open air; compatibility with all electronics; and seamless dispersion o

Advanced MicroPerf stator technology gives MartinLogan's latest-generation CLS electrostatic transducer almost twice as much exposed diaphragm surface as a traditional electrostatic panel of the same size. This dramatic increase in effective radiating area translates to higher efficiency and an even more effortless, unlimited dynamic presentation. The XStat pulls no punches!

CLX's unique DualForce double diaphragm, triple stator dipole low-frequency electrostatic transducer delivers deep, dynamic bass with twice as much force as a standard ESL. Additionally, CLX&'s low-frequency dipole stabilization technology reduces low frequency rear wave cancellation inherent to dipole transducers. This is accomplished by increasing the air path length behind the CLX and delaying the out-of-phase back wave. The resulting decrease in low-frequency front-wave cancellation increases overall output while minimizing total harmonic distortion at low frequencies.