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 Evolution 403


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Active Cascode Topology eliminates global negative feedback, only nested local feedback is employed around individual gain blocks. The result is an extraordinarily open, liquid, effortless sound.

The signal path incorporates Krell Current Mode and CAST circuitry using proprietary multiple-output current mirrors in a complementary and balanced arrangement for extraordinary open loop linearity.

Evolution circuit topology breaks through bandwidth limitations of conventional designs resulting in near perfect performance in the audible range.

A complete Evolution (source, preamplifier, amplifier) system, connected in CAST, reduces the number of voltage gain stages to the minimum, one. The resulting noise floor is approaching the theoretical limit of technology.

All Evolution amplifiers feature massive power supplies with the
Evolution 402 and Evolution 600 equipped with a 5000 VA power supply and the Evolution 403 and Evolution 900 housing 6000 VA power supplies.

The power supply makes use of extensive electrical and magnetic shielding to keep radiated interference out of critical amplifier circuits.

Internal high current line conditioning circuitry filters RF noise on the AC mains, as well as compensating for asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the mains.
The rails powering the amplifiers' low level and gain stages are regulated twice for total immunity from fluctuations in the AC mains and virtually noise-free output.

Advanced microprocessor control monitors critical operational parameters.

Bias, load impedance, regulator output voltages and operating temperature are all continuously monitored.




The Evolution Series culminates more than two decades of cutting edge audio design and includes stereo and home theater components that embody 26 years of Krell design and manufacturing excellence. When envisioning Evolution, Krell had a solitary goal - to handcraft a range of components that, simply put, were the best sounding products ever built. The result is a synthesis of almost impossible contradictions; a unique blend of beauty, grace, and the effortless power synonymous with the Krell name.


The new Evolution amplifiers enjoy the hereditary advantage, from faceplate to binding posts, first born in the Evolution One amplifier. Realized in monaural, stereo, and three channel configurations, the Evolution amplifiers bring the engaging reproduction of music and movie soundtracks debuted in the flagship Evolution One to a potent new platform. With virtually unlimited power available, delivered through the most refined circuitry yet conceived, the Evolution amplifiers strike the fine balance between pure visceral response and delicate articulation. Elegant, graceful, powerful -- new from Krell, classic from Krell.