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Transparent Cable


Lengths: 8 feet (2.44m), 10 feet (3.05m), 12 feet (3.66m), 15 feet (4.55m), 20 feet (6.10m), 25 feet (7.62m)




Absolute Reference loudspeaker cables


The above loudspeaker cables come in stereo paired lengths 8 feet (2.44m), 10 feet (3.05m), 12 feet (3.66m), 15 feet (4.55m), 20 feet (6.10m), 25 feet (7.62m).

Higher lengths can be customised, please ask your dealer.

Opus MM is a totally new product for Transparent: new cable technology, new network topology, new network components, new damping and suspension technology.


OPUS MM cable consists of many heavy strands of individually insulated oxygen-free copper. The proprietary geometry of OPUS MM speaker cable makes it expensive to manufacture and terminate, but it is amazingly flexible given the number and size of its conductors. We specifically chose the strand size for its low noise, low resonance properties in audio signal applications.

The cable therefore provides a powerful and quiet foundation on which to build Transparentís new groundbreaking OPUS MM network technology.

Network. OPUS MM network technology is a refinement of Transparentís computer model for network design.

OPUS MM requires considerably more precision and measurement in the manufacturing process than Transparentís award-winning Reference XL series. OPUS MM is so quiet and resolving that final adjustments to the network require tolerances to 1/100 of an ohm and 1 picofarad. The extremely quiet listening environment provided by the new Transparent Music and Film Studio was instrumental to the development of OPUS MM.


The components within the OPUS MM networks help tune the cable to achieve ideal transfer characteristics. These have been custom-designed by Transparent to work ideally with the specific stranding and geometry of OPUS MM.

This totally new approach to network components helps unlock the true performance potential of OPUS MM.

Damping and Suspension. Effective damping and suspension technologies prevent resonance from obscuring the nuances of the music signal as it travels through the cable and network.

A large mass of epoxy damping material encapsulates the Opus MM network to reduce resonance. Although the module is quite large and heavy, it would take considerably more epoxy damping material to totally eliminate mechanical resonance. We have, therefore, chosen to encase the damping material with carbon fiber.

This extremely stiff, light skin deadens any residual resonance without adding additional mass to the network pod. The network pod sits upon a thick acrylic plinth supported by four heavy cone-shaped feet. The feet are adjustable to insure stable 4-point contact and decouple the networOPUS MM damping and suspension technologies represent a substantial portion of the cost of the product.k from room borne resonance. 

We discovered just how key these technologies are to the performance level of the product when we compared an early OPUS MM prototype which was encapsulated like Reference XL with the first production model of the OPUS MM network pod. The differences in low level information retrieval and dynamics were so astonishing that any thoughts of dressing OPUS MM networks in a more cost effective package were soundly laid to rest.

Reference XL Trade-in Program. Transparent Audio offers a generous trade-in program for Reference XL customers through authorized Transparent Reference XL dealers.
The above range of cable comes in custom lengths of 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 feet