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Transparent Cable


Lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 10 feet (3.05m), 15 feet (4.55m), 20 feet (6.10m)




Reference XL balanced interconnect cables


The above balanced cable comes in stereo paired lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 10 feet (3.05m), 15 feet (4.55m), 20 feet (6.10m)

Higher lengths can be customised, please ask your dealer.

Transparent's goal with Reference XL was to help their customers connect with music on a level never before achieved in their high fidelity music systems. Every Reference XL Cable achieves the theoretical ideal established by the XL Technology model. The cutting, trimming, soldering, and positioning procedures required to manufacture Reference XL to these standards are extremely time consuming and costly.

recise impedance measurements are taken on cable and networks numerous times throughout the construction process to insure that XL tolerances are met. The most important parameters must be controlled within 0.01%.

The costly nonresonant, nonmagnetic polymer network enclosures on Reference XL insure the full and free expansion of music signals. XL precision results in a degree of low level resolution and dynamic contrast that have previously only been accessible from master tape sources.

Reference XL Single-Ended and Balanced Interconnects, Reference XL Speaker Cable
Reference XL Single Ended Interconnect.
XL Interconnect: XL interconnect transfers low level signals with the quietness and precision required of the highest resolution applications. Reference XL Single-Ended Interconnect is available for solid state (SRXL SS) and valve (SRXL V) components.

Reference XL Balanced Interconnect: This balanced cable should only be a consideration for the finest differentially balanced components.
Balanced Reference XL Interconnect: Balanced Reference XL Interconnect is available in solid state (BRXL SS) and valve versions (BRXL V).
Reference XL Speaker Cable.

XL Speaker Cable: XL Speaker Cable transfers the full power of the music along with the finest nuances of instrumental timbre and recording venue. It is available in 3 versions: solid state (RXL SS), valve (RXL V), and single-ended valve (RXL SV).