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Transparent Cable


Lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 10 feet (3.05m), 15 feet (4.55m), 20 feet (6.10m)




Balanced music link ultra interconnect cables


The above balanced cable comes in stereo paired lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 10 feet (3.05m), 15 feet (4.55m), 20 feet (6.10m).

Higher lengths can be customised, please ask your dealer.

Transparent Super and Ultra level cables offer deeper, more controlled bass performance and more effective noise reduction than High Performance cables.

The Premium cables are heftier and are all constructed from multiple cable members that each consist of many strands of OFHC copper that are precision wound around a center core of dielectric. Premium networks have tighter tolerances and work equally well with tube or solid state components and all types of speakers.

Super cables are upgradeable to Ultra, Reference, or Reference XL cables. Ultra cables are upgradeable to Reference or Reference XL.
MusicLink Super, Balanced MusicLink Super, MusicWave SuperMusicLink Super: Super provides a clear step beyond Plus in terms of low frequency control and resolution of low level information from the top to the bottom of the music range.

Balanced MusicLink Super: Superior parts tolerances and a network that exerts more control over a broader range results in more resolution from top to bottom than Balanced MusicLink Plus.

MusicWave Super: MusicWave Super extends performance at the frequency extremes compared to MusicWave Plus because of its network technology and current carrying capability.
MusicW The MusicWave Super Biwire incorporates four tails for biwire speaker connections. This option performs far better than separate adapters or jumper plates.