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 Casablanca III


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Theta Digital





Music and Cinema Controller Chassis. Including AC. (PL2x) DTS (ES.neo6) & Circle Surround II 6 Analogue Inputs, 12 Channel Processor Board


Refinements in Casablanca's basic processing have improved both sound and picture quality.

Sound:The highs are extended: detail in the uppermost regions is more delineated while maintaining Theta's famous liquidity. Background is more 'black' (This means an absence of even infinitesimal noise). Imaging is even better than before. Bass is better defined, and extends lower.

Image:Complex scenes are razor sharp, faces in the crowd more defined. Water rushing over stones maintains realism, sunlight shimmers through each leaf. Colours are true-to-life vivid, blacks deeper than ever before.

The Casablanca III has a Completely NEW Operating System with faster, streamlined operations. Uploading new software and updates is quicker and simpler, making Casablanca easier to upgrade and reconfigure than ever – contributing to Casablanca’s fundamental design goal of non-obsolescence.

The new OS is inherently rock-stable, making the Casablanca III nearly “bulletproof." Over two years in intensive design, the operating system is a major change at Casablanca’s most fundamental level, achieving enhanced overall performance.

New DTS Processing improves sound:

New algorithms released in the final weeks of 2003 give every DTS process better sound than ever before. This comes built-in with Casablanca III's new combined surround processing card. This is a significant upgrade in itself, and is not found in any processor on the market prior to 2004.

New Pro Logic IIx
Surround Processing:
All Casablanca IIIs include Dolby Digital EX and Pro Logic IIx Surround Processing, DTS ES, DTS 96/24 and NEO 6 Processing, and Circle Surround II Processing.

Other Casablanca III features:
RS-232 Interface (DB9 and RJ-45) for Remote Control of the System, Updating the Operating System, and Saving and Restoring Customer Settings.

4 - 12 Volt Triggers with Pulse or DC to control Amplifiers or other equipment.

Theta's proprietary “Jitter Jail” digitally stores audio samples in a buffer, then clocks them to the DACs using a high quality crystal oscillator section. Virtually eliminates all jitter on incoming signals.