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Wilson Audio Special Application Engineering Introducing Lōkē


Wilson Audio’s smallest subwoofer

At the heart of every Wilson Audio  product, you will find designs specifically created

to elevate the audio playback experience in your home.

It is precisely this codified North Star approach that led Wilson Audio’s founder, David

A. Wilson, to the development of the now legendary WATT  (Wilson Audio Tiny Tot)

almost four decades ago. Dave created not only what was to become the upper

module of the venerable WATT/Puppy  combo, but also charted the design process

now formalized in the Wilson Audio Special Application Engineering  (WASAE) ethos.

This brought to life many of our industry leading loudspeaker systems and accessories.

When Wilson Audio began sketching out the modern-day follow-up to the renowned

Tiny Tot, it was clear from the outset that TuneTot  would have a similar LF extension

profile, a result of limited internal enclosure volume, and would be accompanied one

day by a specialized subwoofer system. This compact subwoofer had to complement

TuneTot’s application parameters, specifically considering the home environments for

which the TuneTot was built. The WASAE team was not satisfied with merely a

miniaturization of its core technologies, they wanted to produce a loudspeaker to

perform with the timbral beauty, dynamic nuance, soundstage resolution, and

transparency in environments which are typically hostile to all these qualities. Today,

TuneTot is the cornerstone of many systems found across the globe in spaces not

typically conducive to such extraordinary qualities: offices, studies, bedrooms, etc.

Thus, LōKē™ (sounds like “low-key”), Wilson Audio’s smallest and most compact

subwoofer system, is an unmistakable extension of the TuneTot eco system. Lōkē not

only encompasses full compatibility across the myriad of TuneTot installations, but also

fundamentally expands the core capabilities of our other smaller floorstanding

loudspeaker models: SabrinaX , Yvette , Sasha  DAW, and their predecessors. In

short, the WASAE team has not only delivered on the goal of creating a perfect

companion to TuneTot, it has delivered a subwoofer system intrinsically designed to

enhance and augment all but the largest of our floorstanding loudspeaker models.

Many subwoofer offerings on the market leave the enclosure an underdeveloped

aspect of their potential performance envelope. Unfortunately, this leads to the

enclosure exhibiting colorations that add unwanted low frequency bloating. As the

development of Lōkē solidified, WASAE engineers selected Wilson Audio’s extremely

damped X-Material for the external enclosure. A strategic combination of X-Material

and HDF comprise the internal bracing support structure ensuring a solid foundation

for the woofer coupling. Following the TuneTot’s elegant architectural and sonic
elements, Lōkē allows ease of installation and impressive performance while skillfully
leaving a remarkably small footprint.



As part of the design approach, the WASAE team took data points from our larger

subwoofer systems: Wilson Audio Subsonic , Thor’s Hammer , and W.A.T.C.H.

Dog . While these passive and large volume subwoofer systems provide ultimate

flexibility and choice of the amplification, LōKē is an all-in-one, simple to setup, and

easy to manage subwoofer solution. Incorporated into LōKē’s built-in amp are the most

utilized functions from Wilson Audio’s acclaimed ActivXO  Dual Subwoofer Crossover,

including such key parameters as crossover frequency, crossover slope, phase, and

level. Lastly, proven and refined complex formulas were used to create the custom

integrated port to match the carefully selected driver optimized for Wilson’s demanding

LF application.

Lōkē is Wilson Audio’s smallest subwoofer system to date. This beautiful subwoofer is

completely handcrafted by the same artisans and professionals who sculpt all Wilson

Audio loudspeakers, made in the United States of America.

From the beginning, the Wilson Audio Special Application Engineering team wanted to

create a subwoofer system that follows the North Star development parameters set

forth by David Wilson. We are excited to demonstrate how much of David’s original

intent is captured by Lōkē and invite you to visit your local authorized Wilson Audio

Dealer for an unforgettable musical experience which will reshape your thinking around

small footprint subwoofer systems.