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Transparent Cable


        Standard termination: 15A grounded USA wall plug > 15A IEC

        Optional terminations: 20A grounded USA Wall Plug; 20A IEC; plugs for EU, UK, and other electrical systems available.

        Standard length: 2 meters

        Custom lengths always available.




Now, Transparent is pleased to announce that much of what we have learned in the development of Generation 5 Audio Cables has led to a series of breakthroughs that unleash power cord performance. Transparent welcomes the new OPUS Power Cord Source to our growing family of Generation 5 flagships!

The new Transparent OPUS Power Cord Source takes Transparent's commitment to reproducing the most lifelike and involving music possible to another level. The OPUS Power Cord Source is constructed of precision wound OFHC conductor bundles, uniformly separated by carefully selected quiet and electrically neutral fillers to deliver the most accurate, uninterrupted electrical flow. A first for Transparent, every OPUS Power Cord Source has a finely calibrated network built into it to achieve ideal electrical characteristics regardless of its length and termination requirements. In addition, the OPUS Power Cord Source connectors feature superior quality, tight-fitting contacts. AC plugs and component-end connectors can be customized in a manner that results in the cleanest, most-strain free connection possible.

OPUS Power Cord Source embraces the same cable, network, and termination innovations that define our entire Generation 5 Audio Cable lineup.  Although packed with the same technology as the recently introduced larger and heftier OPUS Power Cord, it is slim, compact, and flexible enough to reside elegantly and comfortably behind a component rack.

OPUS Power Cord Source is US, Euro, and UK AC terminations are all available.