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 Air Force 2 Premium


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■ Main Unit and Motor
Total moment of inertia:
Cast aluminum alloy (AC4C)
Dark gray hammertone coa􏰁ng
Weight: 33 kg
Surface protection coating

Weight: 33 kg
4,148 kg・cm2
         Drive System:

Rotatation speed:
Wow & Flutter:

Belt-drive, polished and nonflexible polyurethane fiber belt
AC synchronous motor
Rotatation speed controlled by DC amplifiers
33.3 rpm / 45 rpm

Precise speed adjustment function.
below 0.03 %
684 (W) x 176 (H) x 450 (D) mm
       Minimum Dimensions for setting up:

Total Weight: 71 kg
684 (W) x 460 (D) mm
   ■ Pump / Power Supply / Air Condenser Unit
 Power consumption:

50 W
430 (W) x 175 (H) x 370 (D) mm
14.5 kg
   Minimum depth for setting up:430 (D) mm
■ Included accessories
- Tonearm base x 1 (drilled for specified tonearm)
An extra cost may be required according to the tonearm.
- Platter Cover x 1
- Cables, Air hoses, Platter setup tools, Users manuals
■ Optional Items & Accessories - Extra tonearm base
- Disc Stabilizer




New Features of Air Force Two Premium


New Features of Air Force Two Premium

- New Power Supply Unit is improved to almost equivalent to that of the Air Force One, containing an air condenser having a doubled capacity from the standard model.

- Equipped with two separate air pumps for air bearing and vacuum, just like the Air Force One Premium while the original models with only one air pump for both air bearing and vacuum.

- Equipped with a new heavy gunmetal platter (34kg for the Two Premium and 29kg for the III Premium). The composition of gunmetal is optimized for the best sound velocity to enable playback as close to live music as possible.

- Electric circuitry is even better than that of the Air Force One and almost as good as that of the Air Force One Premium, increasing torque and allowing to maintain the speed without servo control while rotating at a rated speed. (No servo technology)

- Suspension system is improved to accommodate the new heavy platter for a better sound quality. - Improved air bearing to accommodate the new heavy platter to prevent any resonance on the platter.

These improvements have enabled even more stable and smooth sound, an extension of bass and better quietness.

Please be advised that upgrades from the Air Force Two to the Two Premium or from the Air Force III to the III Premium will not be provided becuase of the significant increase of platter weight and pump volume from the original models.