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Dan D'Agostino Inc.


USB drives and sticks: MLife can play music from USB drives and sticks connected to its USB input. The 5-inch LCD screen shows album/artist/genre/song title information, making it easy to find the music you want in seconds.

USB/optical/coaxial digital inputs: These inputs feed MLife’s 24-bit/192-kilohertz digital-to-analog converter, allowing playback directly from computers, CD drives and other digital audio sources.




D'Agostino M Life


MLife is the product audiophiles have dreamed of for more than a decade, one that delivers the convenience and versatility of mass-market wireless/Internet audio products with sound quality that truly is second to none. In a single component, MLife combines a 32bit/192KHz PCM/DSD digital-to-analog converter, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet radio and a 200-watt-per-channel Momentum integrated amplifier. Add a world-class pair of speakers, and you have all the music system you may ever need or desire.

The digital section of MLife plays digital audio directly from coax and optical digital inputs, and from USB sticks and drives. It streams digital music files from networked computers and hard drives via UPnP. It can access Internet streaming services such as Tidal and vTuner Internet radio (with more on the way). It receives audio from smartphones and tablets trough Bluetooth and Airplay. It also has an XLR input for use with phono preamps and other analog sources. A 5-inch front LCD screen makes tapping this formidable array of options easy and convenient.

The analog section is taken directly from the design of the Momentum integrated amplifier, with no compromises to accommodate the digital componentry. As with the other Momentum amplifiers, MLife has the necessary current to double its output into 4 ohms and double again into 2 ohms. Thus, it can coax any speakers you choose to their maximum possible performance.

All analog circuit boards use through-hole construction for maximum audio performance and reliability. Electromagnetic interference is minimized by housing the power supply in a separate enclosure and through the use of a chassis machined from solid aluminum billet. Unlike any mass-market audio product (and most high-end audio products), MLife is built under the close personal supervision of its creator, at Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems’ own factory in Arizona.