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Wilson Audio


Woofer: 5 3/4 inches (14.61 cm)

Material:  Doped Paper Pulp

Tweeter:  1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm)

Material:  Doped Silk Fabric

Frequency Response:  32 Hz—27 kHz; +/- dB, RAR (Room Average Response)

Nominal Impedance:  4 ohms, minimum 5.35 ohms @ 268 Hz

Sensitivity:  84 dB @ 1 Meter @ 1 Khz


Height  25 inches (63.50 cm)

Width 11 3/8 inches (28.89 cm)

Depth  12 13/16 inches (32.50 cm)

Weight Per Channel Uncrated (w/mount) 58 lbs (26.31 kg)

Approximate Shipping Weight 220 lbs (99.79kg)




Unlike most wall-mount speakers, Alida possesses all the salient attributes of Wilson loudspeakers: dynamic agility, tonal expression, and musical beauty. The Alida incorporates the same anti-jitter crossover technology that underlies the astonishingly grain-free transparency and musicality of full-size Wilson loudspeakers. With strong power handling capacity and low-end frequency response reaching 40 Hz, this speaker will forever change the perception of just how good a wall-mounted speaker can sound.


Where the outgoing Wilson Wallmount could be rotated up to 10 degrees, Alida’s new mount provides up to 30 degrees of rotation. The Alida can be more fully optimized for both the time-domain and driver dispersion.

For those clients upgrading from the Wallmount Series 2 to the Alida, Wilson has made the task of swapping the two loudspeakers relatively straightforward by providing compatible mount locations on the X-material wall bracket. Simply remove the old bracket and replace it with the Alida bracket. For an additional fee, Wilson will paint the X-material bracket to match the wall or the Alida itself.

Using state-of-the-art materials technology first developed for the Alexandria XLF and the Sasha W/P, Alida provides stunning results. By employing Wilson’s state-of-the-art enclosure analysis, the heart of which is probing the minute panel resonances using laser vibrometry, the engineering team was able to reduce the resonant signature of the Alida enclosure to vanishing levels. A rear-wave diffuser, similar to the technology found in Wilson’s larger speakers, helps reduce time-domain distortion inside the cabinet.