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 Casablanca IV


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Theta Digital





Theta Digital introduced the latest version of its flagship Music and Cinema Controller:  the Casablanca IV.  Since its introduction, Theta Digital Casablanca platform has undergone continuous development designed to maintain its position at the forefront of the audiophile world.  In its latest iteration, Theta Digital Casablanca IV adds Dirac Live® 96K digital room correction and optimization, Theta’s proprietary Jitter Jail™ II and new post-processing capabilities designed to allow the addition of new features to the platform as technological advancements warrant.  To denote the new version, Theta Digital Casablanca IV has new metalwork and a new display window.


The key to these new features was the development of a new expandable post-processing card:  the PR-3.  The new card quadruples the DSP power of the platform, increases the audio bandwidth, consolidates all digital inputs onto a single input slot, frees another slot for future expansion, has space to add additional processing power and uses multiple FPGA devices to allow the addition of new instruction sets to accommodate new technology as it arises. According to Dave Reich, Theta Digital’s chief engineer, “We had two goals with this project, to make a significant improvement in the Casablanca user’ experience and to ready the Casablanca platform for the next decade of audio innovation.  Dirac Live® 96K and Jitter Jail™ II fix real sonic issues caused by the listening room and source material while the innovative expandable PR-3 card leaves the door open for new sources and new DSP solutions.”