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Nominal output power 200 watts RMS (220 watts peak) @ 8 ohms 300 watts RMS (330 watts peak) @ 4 ohms< 325 watts RMS (375 watts peak) @ 2 ohms (software limited)

Line Gain 0 dB nominal, up to +12dB

Power Stage Gain 26dB@8ohms

Analog Inputs 1xZeel50-ohmBNC,3xRCA line< 1 x Aux 3.5 mm front panel jack

Digital Inputs 1 x RJ45 Network 1 x USB 2 x SPDIF (RCA 75 ohms) 2 x TOS Link

Analog Output 1 x Headphone 6.35 mm front panel jack

Frequency response 7Hz –170kHz,           +0,-6 dB 20Hz– 20kHz,        +0,-0.5 dB

Rise time <    0.8 μs

Slew rate >  100 V/μs, peak-peak

DC output voltage < ±  15 mV max

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <   1%from7Hzto77kHzz

Temporal Distortion None, at any level and load, as specified above

Crosstal <  80dB@1kHz

Signal to noise ratio >  105 dB (A) @ nominal power

Power consumption 2 watts Standby, 40 watts @ idle, 900 watts @ maximum output power

Size in mm 440 x 350 x 130 (WxDxH)

Net weight 16 kg




DarTZeel introduced their new LHC-208 Integrated Streaming Amplifier that combines a 200wpc integrated amp with a network player. There are 4 analog and 6 digital inputs as well as a headphone amp and integrated TFT touch screen. The LHC-208 can handle up to 24/384 PCM and 2x DSD data



DarTZeel LHC-208 integrated streaming amplifier darTZeel is proud introducing its first integrated line amplifier with full digital streaming capabilities. Powerful, easy to use, extremely versatile, the darTZee LHC-208 fills the gap between conventional DACs and integrated amplifiers available so far. Key features include: • Newly designed TFT tactile screen for intuitive, user-friendly operation. • 4 analog inputs. • 6 digital inputs. • Up to 352.8/24 and 2 x DSD< • Unique darTZeel Smart Clock system. • Special darTZeel cooling control. • Full HT bypass function. • Remote via computer or tablet. • Optional infrared remote control. • Headroom for additional features. • Full aluminium chassis. With its innovative design, darTZeel breaks the musical frontier of dematerialized music. Whatever the source format, the LHC-208 will treat, decode and play digital files as if they were purely analog.