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 Kalista Ultimate


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Metronome Technologie





The metronome Kalista represents the ulitmate performance that can be achieved in CD playback It is to the CD world what the continumm Claiburn systems is tothe analogue world. An ideal platform to consolidate the huge universe of CD and to start collecting seriously


The Kalista Ultimate SE is the latest in a series of money-no-object range of CD transport It is based on the reference standard Philips CDM12 Pro V6.8mechanism partnered with a CD clamp combining Delrin and stainless steel, further improving stability during rotation of the CD and thus extracting digital data more accurately. The recurrent problem of static electricity accumulating on the surface of a CD during its rotation is now eliminated thanks to the stainless steel spindle purposely designed to minimize static charges. The transport boasts a dynamic range of 175db with distortion running below -140db with a resolution of 24bit.  Digital output comprises of AT&T, S/PDIF and AES/EBU to deliver the digital data to the recommended Metronome C2a DAC.

This circuit receives the digital data at 24Bit/44.1KHz and upsamples the signal into 24bit/96kHz format. This repackaging is done in 32 bits portraying beautiful dynamics whilst increasing resolution and offsetting high frequency digital noise generated by the digital processing. This process allows the use of a low-pass filter with a soft slope ensuring an improved pulse behaviour.  The listener can also enjoy the CD in its native format of 24Bit/44.1Hz. In this mode the Upsampler is disabled via a switch on the back of the Kalista Ultimate SE. To ensure the best possible performance, these circuits have independent power supplies.

The Kalista Ultimate SE is delivered with the ‘almighty’ Elektra power supply. Fitted with three powerful high quality toroidal transformers with five independent stages of regulation and with a storage capacity of more than 1.2 Farads, it delivers a perfectly clean power to each of the individual functions of the CD transport with an operating margin much above the specified requirements. The technology incorporated in the Elektra power supply surpasses any battery mode power supply.

The Kalista Ultimate SE silent base has a thickness of 60mm, and is decoupled from the transport by aluminium bearings, which absorb micro vibrations. This new aluminium bearing support system significantly expands the soundstage while providing normally unheard dynamic contrast. It also enables a considerable depth between the musical notes.

The three 540mm high feet made of solid aluminum are firmly secured at the top by a star shaped Perspex with a 40mm thickness, which provides a very rigid support whilst ensuring effective decoupling of vibrations transmitted from the ground.

The sum of these components makes this a true reference CD transport to cherish and expand your CD music collection.