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Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeakers


The new Prodigy incorporates many of the technological advances developed by MartinLogan design and research for the incomparable Statement evolution2. The result is the highest resolution system in its class, available in an exquisite cabinet that is surprisingly compact and an outstanding performer with any music source.

Prodigy includes advances such as a new generation proprietary CLS (curvilinear line source) electrostatic drive transducer, and a revolutionary hybrid drive configuration and cabinet that eliminates room interaction and resonances.

A distinct benefit of these advances is reference level performance in a broader range of listening room arrangements. The unique, compact cabinet combines a see-though look with elegant form, texture and craftsmanship, which will complement any dcor.

CLS (curvilinear line source) Electrostatic Drive
MartinLogan's proprietary, 0.0005" transparent electrically charged diaphragm, suspended by new MartinLogan ClearSparsTM, provides increased sensitivity, power handling and bandwidth extension. The CLS electrostatic drive transducer's wide high-frequency distribution minimizes interaction with listening room side walls, thus eliminating unnatural sonic artifacts and allowing for easy placement.

Advanced Crossover Topology
Physically separated high-pass and low-pass crossovers for minimum magnetic interaction between the filters, point-to-point wiring, low dissipation low-pass capacitors and MartinLogan custom connection wire results in increased clarity and bandwidth.

New dual transformer topology results in lower distortion, extended high frequency response and increased power handling.
Cabinetry and Details
Prodigy is the result of MartinLogan's commitment to the marriage of its technology and world-class industrial design, resulting in increased performance from a compact package. Prodigy incorporates recent MartinLogan Design Team benefits such as custom CE certified binding post connectors which hand tighten for an audiophile grade connection.

The new MartinLogan ETC (energy transfer coupler) super spikes engage the cabinet to the floor for cleaner, tighter bass response and integration. Resulting from our uncompromised commitment to high technology and industrial design, Prodigy establishes new aesthetic, technological, and listening standards.