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 Showcase DVD


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Krellís precision digital audio decoding circuitry lends enormous impact and a heightened sense of realism to Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. The Showcase DVD produces a brilliant video image through the use of the high bandwidth circuit architecture pioneered by Krell in the DVD Standard, and offers the latest in DVD video interface through an optional, scalable HDMI output stage. The high definition resolutions achieved by this innovation fully exploit the performance advantages available from todayís digital TVs and projectors.

The chassis is elegant and functional. Four massive 6 oz. corner blocks join super-stiff aluminum struts to a heavy steel base plate, creating a mechanically inert platform for the optical drive and electronics. The result is a drive with an extremely reliable laser pickup performance and a highly stable clock reference, for near jitter-free audio.

Advanced video signal processing is employed to correct vibration, stair-stepping, cut-off, and other artifacts that commonly occur in video processing. The optional HDMI feature offers digital video output at 480p, 720p and 1080i resolutions. Full RS-232 compatibility ensures seamless integration with the most sophisticated home theater control systems. Switchable front and back panel IR emitters offer extra installation flexibility. A stylish, discreetly sized remote control offers convenient, full function capability.




CD/DVD Player with Faroudja Progressive Scan


The Krell Showcase DVD combines superb picture quality with the massive dynamic impact and wide bandwidth, all in a beautifully styled aluminum enclosure. An available HDMI output stage provides stunning 720p and 1080i video resolutions. Krell Current Mode circuit topologies combine with balanced circuitry to deliver extraordinary bass and vivid resolution to elevate your home theater experience.