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 Resolution Centre


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A 1" (25 mm) tweeter delivers flat response to 50 kHz. Its central waveguide optimizes dispersion characteristics.The 4" midrange driver features 1 piece chassis / 1 piece cone and surround construction to minimize destructive resonances. Further enhancements include a custom voicecoil former, ferro-fluid, and surround foam damper.Two 8" woofers utilize large motors for superior control and lower distortion. The woofers are manufactured with special motor geometry that promotes linear cone travel. Custom aluminum cones promote fast response with enhanced LF impact. The stiffness afforded by aluminum transmits more acoustic energy.The tweeter crossover features a third order Butterworth high pass filter @ 2750 Hz. A first order Butterworth high pass filter @ 142 Hz and a third order Butterworth low pass filter @ 2400 Hz are utilized for the midrange. The woofers are crossed over via a second order Butterworth high pass filter @ 360 Hz.A massive, 2" thick MDF baffle eliminates mechanical driver interaction. All Resolution enclosures are constructed of 1" thick, MDF panels for enhanced rigidity and immunity to vibration. Heavy internal bracing dramatically reduces cabinet resonance. An elegant, curved enclosure design reduces standing waves.Two sets of WBT binding posts offer bi-wire capability.




Front-Centre Loudspeaker


Krell Resolution Series Loudspeakers are designed to complement perfectly the finest audio and home theater systems. All models feature high current crossover designs, custom made drivers and heavily braced enclosures. Resolution Series Loudspeakers convey all of the power and dynamics of your favorite music and movies, with a range of models to match every budget and system configuration. The Resolution C center channel loudspeaker provides the midband clarity and articulation that today's movie soundtracks demand. A large-format center channel with full range capability, the Resolution C has the projection necessary to propel your home theater experience to the next level.