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 Showcase Processor


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Krell KAV


State-of-the-art digital chipsets, operating with upsampled 24-bit precision, control all of the digital signal processing in the Showcase processor. THX Ultra certified, the processor incorporates advanced technologies, including Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital EX, THX Surround EX, DTS NEO: 6, and DTS-ES 6.1. Krell software provides digitally controlled bass management with user-selectable crossover points, optimizing the system's speaker/subwoofer interface. Following all digital signal processing, the information is decoded by 24-bit/192 kHz DACs in all 7.1 channels to deliver the most accurate analog signal possible to the preamplifier stage.

The Showcase processor uses Krell advanced analog circuitry in the critical preamplifier section. The fully balanced design delivers the extremely wide bandwidth required for accurate reproduction of the current generation of movie soundtracks and high-resolution audio formats. The analog Preamp mode bypasses all digital circuits, providing the most direct signal path for multichannel and stereo recordings.

A unique software-based eight-channel digital room equalizer maximizes system performance in any room. For each of four memory settings, the user can program filter type (high-pass, low-pass, notch, peaking, and high/low shelf), frequency, shape, and level for all eight channels. This makes it possible to program, for example, independent settings for stereo music, multichannel music, movie surround, or even video game software. With flexibility that will be appreciated by professional acousticians, the Digital Room EQ is easy enough to operate as a simple tone control. Krell's digital room equalizer can transform your family entertainment room into a breathtaking home theater… without hiring an architect.

The Showcase processor employs fully discrete video circuitry. With bandwidth greater than 80 MHz, it ensures the integrity of all progressive and High Definition component signals, while still providing the convenience of on-screen display for all video signals. Advanced operating features include a host of remote user interfaces, FLASH memory for future software upgrades, and an intuitive menu-based Smart System Setup. From ease of initial setup to dramatic performances in your home, the Krell Showcase sets a new benchmark for high performance and value in a preamp/processor.




Sound Processor with Dolby Digital EX AC3 and Prologic IIDTS ES, EX and Eon 6.0, THX Ultra Bal-l/o, SE-l/O


The Showcase is Krell's fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of reference-quality High End Audio Theater (HEAT) systems. With the latest in surround sound technologies, a proprietary digital room equalizer, and an exceptional preamplifier section, the Showcase processor extends the KAV Series' tradition of Krell engineering and affordability to a new generation.