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Krell KAV


The foundation of any amplifier is the power supply. A massive 1,500 VA toroidal transformer and 80,000 microfarads of filter capacitance provide a rock solid power platform impervious to speaker demand or AC line fluctuations. To deliver the most electrifying experience with today's demanding multichannel music and movie soundtracks, an amplifier must be able to generate substantial power into 8 ohms… and then double that output when a speaker's impedance is halved to 4 ohms. The Showcase amplifier module uses eight high-speed power devices to deliver 125 W into 8 ohms and 250 W into 4 ohms.

Featuring technology developed for the Full Power Balanced amplifiers, the Showcase design employs Krell Current Mode circuitry. Its fully balanced topology ensures the lowest noise and greatest detail retrieval. Class A input, pre-driver, and driver stages provide the most accurate signal path for critical low level signals.

Previously implemented only in reference-level Krell components, surface mount technology makes possible the high circuit density required for the widest possible dynamic range and bandwidth.

A modular platform provides an upgrade path for the Showcase 5 and Showcase 6 amplifiers, enabling additional channels to be installed at any time. The base platform includes input and speaker connections for seven channels, making upgrades a simple matter when desired.




Amplifier (5x125) Audio Video, Bal-l SE-l


Simply elegant, the refined brushed aluminum Krell coat finish only hints at the exhilarating performance that lurks beneath the exterior of the Krell Showcase Multichannel Amplifier. Every aspect, from sonic performance and power delivery to style and upgradability, functions in seamless harmony.

Available in 5-, 6-, and 7-channel configurations, the Showcase amplifiers are solidly based on the same legendary Krell technologies found in any of its top-of-the-line-siblings.