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The ultimate objective is absolute neutrality. Why is it necessary to isolate? Isolation is necessary because when we listen to musical sounds in an acoustic setting, vibrations in the electronic equipment can affect them. These may originate in a solid source such as the floor or may be air borne such as sonic waves, and as a consequence will generate secondary vibrations in the equipment. The...[more]

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KL audio the only way to enjoy your vinyl records as if they were new again! Klaudio's KD-CLN-LP200 brings an unrivaled 200 Watts of ultrasonic cleaning power to your LP collection. Using patent-pending technology, the toughest grime and dust is easily removed without the risk of physical scrubbers or need for detergent. Drying is also handled safely with blowers. Simply fill with distilled wat...[more]

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Lina Headphone Amplifier


Q pods

The pods themselves are CNC-turned and milled from hardened stainless-steel, oxygen-free copper, and hard black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminium. These materials create the constraining layers for the damping material that is alternatively clamped between to create a single traverse dissipating unit, which we call the QPod. Vibrational wave propogation through the floor, stands, and the equip...[more]

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A newly developed spiked footer solution providing solid coupling to the floor HAYWARD, CA – Magico, LLC the Leader in High Performance Loudspeaker Design and Manufacture, is pleased to announce a newly developed spiked footer solution called the SPOD. The SPOD is based on the scientific design principles of Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) and provides an effective way to couple ...[more]


WASAE Pedestal

As any physicist knows, no device, no matter how clever or sophisticated, can eliminate energy. It can only convert undesirable energy into a more benign force. This applies to unwanted vibrations that hamper the fidelity of both transducers (such as analog playback devices) and electronics (which are susceptible to vibration-induced microphonics).With this understanding, Wilson Audio’s...[more]

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OBravo Audio HAMT-1 headphones combined one of the best tweeter technology, AMT tweeter and a great bass performance Dynamic driver, with a multiple countries patented structure design to create a brand new listen experience in over-ear headphone market.. ...[more]