Welcome to Absolute Sounds

Absolute Sounds is all about passion, and music, and passion for music. The company began in the golden age of the album: Absolute Sounds founder was working in the music industry at the time and wanted to recreate the same musical passion in the home that he could hear at a live concert or from the control room of a studio. The company was born out of that idea and that idea holds to this day; that passion for the live event brought home.

This is why we work both with a group of expert manufacturers and a highly trained team of specialist retailers to nurture, develop, produce, and deliver a curated portfolio of the finest audio equipment. With decades of listening experience to hand, we have created systems that both work together perfectly, and provide as close as its possible to get to the live concert or studio experience in the home. This experience is made whole by you, with the expertise and experience of our experts to navigate through the noise to get to the best sound.