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Sonus Faber



Audio Inputs

- 1x AUX  (analog  RCA)

- 1x Digital S/pdif coaxial

- 1x Digital Toslink optical

- 1x Play-Fi Wireless standards 802.11a/b/g/n protocol

File Formats         MP3,  M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV


File Quality

Lossless file reproduction up to 16-bit/44.1kHz (CD Quality) and full compatibility with all high-resolution music up to 24bit/192k.

Plays all format bitrates [kbps]. DTS Play-Fi transmits hi-resolution files but it does a down-sample in order to distribute them throughout your home.


Supported Internet music services

Deezer,  KKbox,, Rhapsody,  Songza,  Tidal, Spotify®, Amazon music, IHearthradio, Pandora, Sirius XM, internet radios. Supported media server         DLNA

Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)


3 ways, Sound Field Shaper technology, Bipole/Dipole radiation for enhanced stereo widt



2 5” long throw subwoofers, push-push structure, “zero vibration technology”

2 satellite Front/Back with 4 ceramic  2” Midrange + 4 5/8’’ tweeter point source silk dome



Amplification         1400 W total, 4 Ω



Dimensions (HxWxD)

Closed: 224 x 640 x 408 mm

Open: 256 x 1040 x 408 mm


Weight          25 Kg


A.C. Mains voltage         100V, 115V, 230V, 50/60 Hz



Stand-by: <0,5W

Power consumption         Typical use 30W








More than 30 years later, a pioneering project so deeply connected with Sonus faber’s history comes to life, writing the very first words of a new chapter in our book of adventures.

In 2016, this project has re-born with new technology and design solutions: Sf16 is the first “all-in-one” integrated audio system that provides powerful performances, a truly easy installing mode and usability and, in the pure Sonus faber style, is also an elegant piece of furniture with a deep luxury appeal.

The challenge  of Sf16 has been to keep all the characteristics of a good hi-fi system, reducing size and complexity of its elements; moreover, to create an up-to-date device that was as easy as a “plug and play” solution,  capable  of a multi-room wireless streaming technology and of course with a high fidelity sound quality; finally, the whole project had to exist in just one active  and powerful “all-in-one” device. Imagine a complete  hi-fi system that can actually “feel” the atmosphere of your music room: if you

are relaxing alone, or if there is a huge party going on, Sf16 can modulate its power and expression to transform  your place into a real music room.


Solid wood cabinet and brushed aluminum are the main materials of Sf16: the design provides a Seventy, yet cool look and feel that features the iconic Sonus faber elements and also an innovative and futuristic appearance; thanks to the elegant and highly recognizable shapes and lines, Sf16 is without any doubt a son of the great tradition of Sonus faber design.



It took few times to the R&D Department to reach a balance that was capable  of providing a hi-fi sound in such a small and compact product.

Sf16 is powered with the “Zero Vibration Transmission”, “Sound Field Shaping” and “Stealth Reflex System” knowledge derived from the Sonus faber experience; it has a very strong bass performance (thanks to the long throw, stiff Alu/magnesium alloy cone), an accurate mid-high section for providing a wire and deep sound space and probably the smallest hi-end tweeter ever designed: the micro  ½’’ by Peter Larsen.


Midranges and tweeters are doubled: half of them are front-firing, the others are placed on the back of the product, enhancing the sense of depth of the soundstage.

Amplifiers are an ultra-compact version that is suitable for a four-channel configuration and can provide a life-like and vivid dynamic.



The DTS Play-fi Technology gives the freedom and flexibility to wirelessly play the music on mobile devices over an existing Wi-Fi network. The service is provided thanks to a proper app for Apple, Windows or Android.

Sources are…whatever comes to your mind: smartphones and tablets, as well as traditional ones,

such as turntables, because the app is 100% connected to the main online streaming services as well as to your personal music library.