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Amati Tradition

As Andrea Amati is considered the forefather of the violin making tradition of Cremona, since he gave the rules for techniques of construction, shapes and proportions of string instruments as we know them nowadays, Amati Tradition represents the synthesis of original conceptsand architectural ideas.Flagship of Homage Tradition collection, Amati is the new reference floor standing loudspeaker in...[more]

Dynamic loudspeakers


Il Cremonese is characterized by an innovative cabinet with five sides, “Rhomboidal diamond design which optimizes the structural solidity of the wooden cabinets with a unique diamond shape that is immediately recognizable.   Inspired by the shape of Lilium, Il Cremonese introduces clean lines and an elegant, minimal, and sharp design. This new and atypical Sonus faber form repres...[more]

Dynamic loudspeakers


MartinLogan has always blended Science with Art, and the Crescendo is no exception. Designed to fit a modern decor, MartinLogan utilizes high-quality materials and finishes to give Crescendo a furniture and artwork like appearance. The result is striking. The dense cabinet enclosure, wrapped in either high-gloss piano black paint or real-wood walnut veneer, floats atop a sturdy aluminum stand a...[more]

Surround Loudspeakers

ElectroMotion - C2

The EM-C2's perfectly balanced dual 5.25-inch high-excursion, doped fiber-cone woofers are seamlessly blended with the Folded Motion XT tweeter with a high-precision, advanced topology audiophile-grade crossover network. The EM-C2 is rated at 94dB. Folded Motion™ XT Tweeter  MartinLogan's larger, low distortion Folded Motion XT tweeter boasts a radiating surface 40% larger than those...[more]

Subwoofer loudspeaker

ElectroMotion - ESL

ElectroMotion ESL's XStat electrostatic MicroPerf panel is housed within a radical aluminum and composite AirFrame™ similar to those found on MartinLogan's flagship products. AirFrame technology rigidifies the electrostatic panel without obstructing playable surface area or interfering with ambience enriching dipole sound radiation. At the same time, an AirFrame provides electrical and ac...[more]

Dynamic loudspeakers

ElectroMotion - FX2

A single 6.5-inch doped fiber-cone woofer provides powerful low-frequency extension. Available in a black satin finish, the EM-FX2 is designed to corner mount, wall mount or angle-wall mount for versatile surround sound placement in any room. Folded Motion™ XT Tweeter MartinLogan's larger, low distortion Folded Motion XT tweeter boasts a radiating surface 40% larger than those found in th...[more]

Surround Loudspeakers


The company plans to make only two to three pairs a month and no more than 30 pairs in total ...[more]

Dynamic loudspeakers


Reflecting the versatility and exhilarating performance of its new S-Series of loudspeakers, Magico’s SCC is designed to bring to the center channel of the home theater experience the same level of resolution, clarity, and emotional engagement that Magico loudspeakers have been bringing to music lovers for the past 15 years. This elegant loudspeaker builds on the foundation laid by th...[more]

Center Channel


Motif is a highly evolved expression of the same ideas and engineer- ing that spawned the StageTM center-channel speaker. A state-of-the- art XStatTM electrostatic panel, dual aluminum-cone woofers, and highly sophisticated VojtkoTM crossover deliver unrivaled precision and center-channel intelligibility. Wall-mount brackets and a pivoting stand (with 35 degrees of motion) allow Motif to work as e...[more]

Hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers

Motion Vision X

Folded Motion™ Tweeters   Folded Motion Tweeters works by moving air (which creates sound) perpendicular to the folded ridges of the diaphragm, similar to how an accordion works. This extremely low mass diaphragm "squeezes" air and requires almost 90% less excursion than the typical 1" dome tweeter, which drastically minimizes distortion while providing a lightning fast respo...[more]

Center Channel
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